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Adding Offline Donations

When a supporter hands you a check or cash donation, you can keep track of those funds by adding an “offline donation” to that person’s Snowball supporter record.

Adding an offline donation

From your Supporter Management dashboard, navigate to the supporter record of the person who donated offline and click on the “+ Add Donation” button.

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You can assign the offline donation to a specific campaign and form. You can also fill out any custom fields that are configured on the form. Please note that assigning an offline donation to a campaign will be reflected in the reporting for that campaign, including thermometers and exports.

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An offline donation will have an “Offline Transaction” tag in the donation details page. Once an offline transaction is created, you’ll be able to add notes to this transaction and send your supporter a receipt, if needed.

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Removing an offline donation

You can remove an offline donation by navigating to the donation details page and clicking the “Delete Donation” button. Please note that deleting an offline donation will be reflected in the reporting for the campaign it’s assigned to, including thermometers and exports.

Updating an offline donation

One they’re created, offline donations can’t be modified. If you’d like to edit an offline donation, simply delete the existing donation record and create a new one. Please note that offline donations can’t be marked as refunded.