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Refunding Donations

When a supporter requires a refund, you can reimburse funds and issue a receipt from your Reporting dashboard.

Refunding donations on Snowball is easy. Just go to the record of the donation in question and click the “Refund” button in the donation details box on the left-hand side of the page.

If you’d like, you can provide a reason for the refund. You can also mark the donation as fraudulent, if applicable.

The donation will be labeled as “refunded,” and a Refund Details area will appear on the donation’s record. A refund receipt will also be emailed to the supporter being refunded. Please allow three to five business days for this transaction to be refunded to the supporter’s account. 

Please note you will still be required to pay the transaction fee of the refunded donation. 


Please note that the refund feature may not be available if you are using a custom payment processor.