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Online Auction Tool

Host online auctions right from your Snowball account! Add unlimited auction items, upload photos, set bid increments and more. As soon as your auction ends, we’ll automatically send out notifications to your list of winning bidders.

Step 1: Navigate to Online Auctions

Hover over Fundraising Tools and select Online Auctions.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 1.28.56 PM

Step 2: Add New Auction

Click the "Add New Auction" button on the card to the left. 

A popup form will prompt you to add an auction title and description of your event; this will be displayed to your supporters on your auction page. (Tip: If you need to include any logistical details, such as when/where to pick up won items, the description is a good place for it.) 

You can also choose to pre-select a starting and ending date/time for your auction, if you wish. Pre-selecting an end date/time here will make an auction count-down timer appear on your supporter-facing auction page. The end date/time will also be displayed at the top of your internal auction dashboard. (Please Note: Time zone information is based on what you've set in your Organization Settings.)

If you'd prefer to manually start and end your auction instead, come back to this form once your auction is fully set up and press the "Publish Auction" button to make its content public. You can also choose to "Unpublish" a published auction to hide its content from public view, "Archive" or "Delete" your auction on this form. Click this button to delete your auction page. (Please Note: "Delete Auction" cannot be undone and may affect the data in your reporting.)

Click "Save" when you're done. 

Please Note: The information on this form can be changed at any time by clicking the "Auction Settings" button in your auction dashboard. However, "Archive" and "Delete" cannot be undone.

Step 3: Edit Your Auction

Your new auction will appear on a new campaign card to the right. Click the "Edit Auction" button to enter your dashboard for your auction.  Inside your auction dashboard, you'll find the following at the top:


Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 1.36.17 PM

  • View Auction Page - Click this button to jump to the preview or live site of your auction. 
  • Auction Settings - This opens up the same form from Step 2. Use it to edit your event title, description and start and end date, save changes, publish or unpublish your auction content, archive your auction or delete your auction. (Please Note: "Archive" and "Delete" cannot be undone and may affect the data in your reporting.)
  • Add Item - You'll upload each item into your auction by clicking this button and completing the form that pops up. Add the name of the item; you may also choose to include a description. Then set a minimum starting bid, suggested retail value and bidding increments. Most importantly, upload a good picture of the item. (Please Note: Only JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF files are supported image files.) Click "Save" when you're done.
  • Bid History - See complete reporting on every bid made in the auction. The first "Top Bidders" table details only the winning bids for each item, while the second "All Bidders" table includes data on all bids entered the auction. Data include the date/time of the bid, the bidder, item name, bid amount, auction campaign, item name and email of the bidder.  
  • End Auction Now - If you would like to manually end an auction, rather than preselecting the end date in the Auction Settings, just click this button at any time. 
      • Tex-to-Bid Trigger - Click this button to edit your trigger word/phrase for the whole auction. Your supporters will then be able to access the main auction page (with every item displayed) from their mobile phones by texting the trigger to your Text-to-Give number. (Tip: Your Text-to-Give number is always displayed at the top of your Snowball account, to the left of your organization's logo.)
      • Theme - Here you can edit your auction colors. You can choose an alternative logo and background image for your auction page. 

      Step 4: View Your Item Details

      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 1.37.43 PM

      Each added item will appear in the item details area at the bottom of your auction dashboard.

      To the right you'll see any of the information you just added (name, description, value, stating bid and bid increment) as well as Recent Bids live reporting (date/time of bids, bidders, bid amount and email addresses). To the left you'll find the photo you uploaded, as well as the following:

      • View Item Page - Clicking this opens the preview or live view of the individual auction item in a new tab.
      • Edit Item - Click this to edit any of the information you uploaded when you first added the item. You also have the option to "Delete" this item from here. (Please Note: "Delete" cannot be undone and may affect the data in your reporting.)
      • Text to Bid Trigger - Click this button to edit your trigger word/phrase for this individual item. Your supporters will then be able to go directly to this item from their mobile phones by texting the trigger to your Text-to-Give number.

      Auction Preview

      Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 12.38.04 PM

      You can allow your bidders to preview your auction before it starts! In your Auction Settings, set your start time to any date in the future to enable the preview feature. Your donors will be able to see your items but the bid options will be disabled. Your donors will see a message at the top of your auction page to indicate the start time.

      Auction Notifications for Supporters

      Any supporters who bids on an item will receive an email alert letting them know if they've been outbid at any point. As soon as the auction ends (either because you pre-set the end date/time or manually ended the auction by clicking "End Auction" button), all winning bidders will automatically receive notification that they've won, which includes link to a payment form where they can pay for the item. Once paid, the winners will receive automatic receipts sent via email. 

      Tip: Supporters can also opt to receive text notifications when they place a bid. Text notifications allow for even more convenience and engagement in the auction!