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Is Snowball available to international users?

Snowball is (currently) only available to U.S. organizations, donors and currency.

Can I use a Social Security number instead of an EIN? What if I’m not a 501c3/501c4? 

Snowball Fundraising is intended for not-for-profit organizations that qualify for 501c3 or 501c4 status. 501c3 or 501c4 status is recognized by the IRS by the designation of an EIN; therefore, we must verify your organization's status with your assigned EIN. If you have an EIN, please contacts us to find out if Snowball is right for you.

When I verify my account for deposits, why do you ask for personal information? 

To process payments on the Snowball platform, we ask that you designate an Organization Representative for your account. This can be anyone associated with your organization who has a social security number. (Please note that Snowball Fundraising and our merchant partners do not share or use this information to perform credit checks. We are simply ensuring that there is a real person behind your account.) We only require the last four digits of the SSN. In some rare cases, to provide further verification, we may ask for the entire SSN. Please note that when providing an Organization Representative name, you must provide the legal name that is displayed on that person’s social security card.

Our bank hasn’t received any funds yet. When will my organization start receiving deposits?

In order to receive funds that have been raised via Snowball, you'll need to complete the Merchant & Deposit Settings in your organization's settings area. In the first step, make sure you've created your Merchant Account, which links your organization to our payment processor, Stripe. Next, connect your organization’s bank account to Snowball by entering your banking details. Once you've done that, you'll use your credit or debit card to submit a temporary test charge that will post immediately to your online statement. Enter the amount you see into the Test Charge Amount field.  From there, we’ll validate your information and turn on your deposits. Once activated, you should see your first deposit 2-3 business days later. Your payout schedule will be posted at the top right corner of your Merchant & Deposit Settings. (For a complete walkthrough, see our Setting Up Deposits help article.)

How many transactions are allowed on my version of Snowball?

There's no limit to the number of transactions any Snowball account can process! 

Is ACH an accepted payment method on Snowball?

Currently Snowball donation forms only allow for debit or credit card payments.

How much does Snowball take from each transaction?

Our payment processor deducts a small fee from each transaction to cover credit card costs. Premium transactions get a rate of 2.5% + 30 cents for Premium and Premium + Auction accounts. Essential plans have a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents. Donations made via American Express credit cards are charged a flat 3.5% rate (without the extra 30 cents), regardless of plan type.

What if a donor disputes a donation?

Unfortunately, donors dispute donations from time to time. Snowball has made it easy for you to know if this happens. You will receive a dispute notification indicating a donor has disputed a donation, you can reply to this dispute and we will submit it for you. In the case that the donation is refunded, you will still be responsible to pay the transaction fee as well as a $15 dispute fee. You will see this reflected in your deposit report.

How do I cancel a recurring donation on behalf of a donor? 

To cancel a recurring donation, go to the “Reporting” tab in your dashboard's left navigation menu, then select “Recurring” from the drop-down. Find the transaction in question on the list, then click the “Cancel” button on that line. 

Do you charge extra for customer support?

Never. We offer free US-based, bilingual customer support to all of our customers. Reach out to us by clicking on the Snow Bot in your dashboard, and a Snowball Customer Coach will respond by the following business day.